The user can create and participate in events of other users in the agenda.

The user can choose to create an open event (everyone can see and participate), exclusive (only fans can see and participate) or private (only the user can see).

To create an event the user must select the "+" button in the lower right corner.

To create an event the user must choose the date and time, inform the location, create a title and the description.

The agenda can be seen by everyone on the user profile, but only the followers and fans will be able to see in their personal agendas as well.

An event can be created, edited or deleted at any time by the user.

It is allowed to participate in any event of another user, just select the hand icon next to the description.

The number of event participants will appear for the idol.

When editing an event the participant count will be reset to zero.

It is impossible to mark presence, create or edit events before the current date.

The days that exist events will be highlighted with another color to facilitate the search and the organization.

When you select a day, all events from that date will appear with their descriptions.

Successful Jobs will automatically go to the user's agenda, only the idol and the contractor will be able to see it.

When you select an event related to Jobs, you can review all the information about it.